Wonder Woman..Nah..Just a Mom

I feel, some days, that if I spun around, arms out like a ballerina, that I do have a small chance of turning from Diana Prince, into Princess Diana - aka Wonder Woman.

In between making Canadiana sugar cookies for my upcoming TV segment next week, I'm renovating, decorating and trying to be a festive, fun loving mom.

Being careful not to confuse the piping icing with the thin set tile binder. Remarkably similar in texture and look. Hmm, a possible time saver option..

Lily, or Midge as we love to call her, is discovering Christmas and all it's magic.

I think she believes Christmas means candy.

My helper this season - Pip. A magical elf that watches over Lily. He disappears at night, flying back to Santa to report on her progress. Every day, he perches some place new and we have to find him . Pip is fantastic, says nothing, and is not allowed to be touched - the magic disappears if he's manhandled! I have to say, he has a fabulous amount of power over a two year old.