Whirley Pop Fun..

Lily and I bought The Whirley Pop popcorn popper for daddy over the holidays. This family loves their popcorn, and we had visions of perky kernels bouncing in our heads. The Whirley Pop comes complete with kernels, instructions and, an 'oh so' exciting recipe book. First up on my list, caramel and peanut corn!!

I spent thirty minutes unwrapping these little caramels, but I knew, in my heart, it would be worth it. The anticipation was almost to much. My saliva glands were in full over load. I popped the perfect pot of corn, melted my caramels as instructed by the official hand guide to the Whirley Pop popcorn popper.
And then..

What the What! I had a congealed foot high glob of ... this! Creamy and delicious..not at all. A beautiful mixture of salt and sugar in every bite..not at all. In fact, all the peanuts were still on the plate. Of course I had three girlfriends over for this momentous experience. They still ate it, smiling and nodding to imply it was super delicious.
That is what friends are for. Even in failure, they make you feel successful.
hmm, I feel I should add, that I still love my Whirley Pop (hot buttered popped corn three nights in a row). Perhaps, yes, you are right to suggest I've a small bitterness towards the cookbook. Lets face it, it was a giant let down. But, that, like many things, in time, will pass.