Fell in Love with a Tree..

I fell in love with a tree. Actually, I fell in love with a forest.
This tree looks like the kind of tree who has seen it all. Good. Bad.
If you stayed a while, and he trusted you, he`d tell you about the families that play by him, the fitness buffs who run by every day - sometimes twice. The teenage boys who light fires and whisper. The teenage girls who day dream about the boys who light fires and whisper.
He`d also tell you about loss, and the carnations placed around his roots.
Farther into the forest, we met a fox. He was guarding the water fountain. Must be for those fitness buffs I previously mentioned.
Perhaps you are thinking, hey, this forest looks a bit creepy to me.

To that I will tell you this... if this elf can hang a holiday wreath above his door, it must be a happy place to live.