Another Award..I Blush..

I've been given another award. 7 things you don't know about me...but may find interesting, or simply amusing. Ok, here we go:
1. I've started back to the gym. These are the shoes I wore to the gym on Monday. Do you see the problem? They are two different shoes. So, number one on the list..Sometimes, I'm not the brightest girl on the block.2. The one and only time I flew first class, was coming back from Peru. I took off my shoes and took a nap. When I woke up and put my shoes on, they were soaking wet. The toddler in front of me peed in her sleep. The pee funneled off the non porous luxury leather seats into my shoes. The shoe on the left in the above photo, is one of those shoes. Number two, I'm a little gross, and still wear pee shoes. It's the gym!!! I have zero vanity there.

3. When I was 21, I went to L.A. for a few weeks. While there, through an odd chain of events, we ended up staying at Meridith Baxter Birney's house. He daughter took us to one of the local hot spots where I was hit on by...Gary Coleman - the cute little kid from Different Strokes. Not so cute anymore. In fact, downright skanky. For years after that, my family and friends thought it was sooo funny to use the line, "what choo talkin 'bout!"
4. I wear gum boots. A lot. Seriously. More than any other shoe or boot I own. Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. They were $6.00 and have lasted for 9 years.

5. I am deslyxic ..I mean dyslexic. When I was little, they didn't have special aid or awareness like today. I was put in the cloakroom - which they called the 'special' learning place. I was the only one in there.

6. That probably has much to do with the fact that ....I'm incredibly insecure. I've worked with some of the best magazines in North America, but was freaking out each time.
7. I honestly believe that I am a really good show tune singer. Seriously. And I'm not half bad at opera too.

Now, to pass this along to 7 others - I believe that is the rule here.
Pinecone Camp
Tiny Warbler
Pretty Far West
Beach Vintage
Vintage Simple
Sarah-Jane down the lane
and yes,
out of sheer and utter interest..
Tom Stephenson


koralee said...

You are always so much fun...I adore gum boots too...and have about as many pairs as I do umbrellas. What does that say about our weather? Congratulations on your award.

katrina lauren said...

oh this made me laugh...especially the 'pee pee' mismatched runners! i wore two different flip flops one time and didn't notice till yes...i can relate!
thanks for sharing!

country girl said...

Heather...we have so much in common. I am dyslexic, wear rubber boots all the time, and am insecure about so many things.
I love the funny stories you shared here!
I hope you (and me, too) feel your true worth one day.
Love, Dawn

Tom Stephenson said...

It's interesting that many creative people and successful business people are dyslexic. I wonder if it gives you that extra motivation? Congrats on the new award - who gives them out? I get pee in my gum boots regularly, Heather - whilst I'm still wearing them...

mise said...

Thanks for the kind award, Heather! I'll have trouble matching your Gary Coleman story but will have a good think (while wearing my own wellies). That's sad about the cloakroom, but I hope you practised opera-singing in there, or sneaked in a vase and a throw to restyle it. I imagine you as a young rebel.

vintage simple said...

You are hilarious..! And so freaking cute. I mean, each time I read one of your posts, I like you even more...

Okay, I'll try to think of something... Thanks for including me here, dear. You are bloody fantastic.


Grace said...

Too funny that you actually wear (hopefully that is in the past tense now) mismatched shoes.

Grace said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog. I'm new here in blogland and it is nice to have people stop by for a visit. I love reading your blog - I'm waiting for the laundry dungeon makeover now.

Firefly Hill said...

Hi Heather,

Love hearing more about you! I think you sound awesome. It is kind of nice to read that someone as talented as you has a few doubts about herself...not that I think you should have doubts. I think you should be confident as is just kind of refreshing that's all. Just sayin'...

p.s. gary coleman was in the news this a.m. arrested for domestic violence. Good thing you did not fall for him! haha

Barbara said...

Congratulations Heather! I love your blog and you deserve any and all awards!

You list seems somewhat focused on shoes and boots. Funny.
The Peruvian photo is wonderful. Sorry you got peed on!
I am very sad about your having been put in a cloakroom. Almost like punishment. It makes me mad.
You should not feel insecure about anything. You are so talented!

And yes, Gary Coleman is skaggy- he just got arrested too.

Beach Vintage said...

Congrats on the award and I love the "pee in my shoe" story.

Beach Vintage said...

Oh Heather, I didn't see my blog there! What an honour. Thanks so very much. I will add your name to my home page.

Pinecone Camp said...

H, I share your rubber boot enthusiasm! I
My friend, I've heard you sing....maybe it was an off day? Hee-hee.

Tracey said...

First of all, congrats Heather on another award (of course you got another award)!!!!!

Second of all, that was seriously one of the most interesting list of 7 facts I've ever read on a blog...really...loved reading your list...I'm still cracking up about Gary Coleman hitting on you :) Keep giving us little tid bits about your life, it all seems so interesting!

Happy Wednesday ~

:) T