Happy 101 Award..

I've been awarded a Happy 101 Award by the very sweet country girl. Ten things that make me happy. hmm. I could easily do ten things on my daughter alone, but will spare you all the pain of a gushing mom. She is number one on the list though...

1. She's now two and when she sings, she closes her eyes. She is living the moment, feeling the song. She sings with passion and utter conviction. It makes my heart ache with happiness. Photo is by Janis Nicolay

2. The photo credit leads me to something else that makes me happy. My friends. I don't have a large entourage of girl friends. I know a lot of people, but only a handful are my true friends. I know they are there for me, and will come running if I ask.

3. My guy because he takes my crap and gets my jokes.
We had a surprise wedding in the frozen woods on a lake here in BC. After the wedding, we played hockey and drank polar bears. How very Canadian of us. That memory makes me extremely happy.

4. Chocolate

5. Yellow primulas. They smell better than all the other colours and make me smile.

6. Art. We have tried to collect a piece from every place we have travelled. The memories attached to each work make them more treasured. This one is from a street painter in Key West in front of Hemingway's home.

7. My new sugar bowl from Walrus.

8. That today, I got two apple trees and a quince tree pruned. It's a fantastic feeling, pruning a fruit tree. There is anticipation - it's an odd sense of accomplishment. Mind you, I have 500 blueberry bushes, three figs, a pear, two peach, 300 raspberry canes, an asian apple pear, and cherry tree to go. Hmm. I've just lost a touch of my happiness.

9.That a blogger from Austria found my blog, and told me that I make her happy. How bloody lovely is that.

10. That I live in Canada. That I have a house to keep me safe. I have some money in the bank and my family is healthy. I can turn on my tap, and water comes out. I have blankets and coats to keep me warm. I have food in the cupboard. I have medical. I am not afraid for my child. She will be educated. My husband loves me and I love him.