It's been a very busy week.  Today, it occured to me there have been a lot of goodbyes around our home.  But also some hellos...
The first goodbye... to the giant cedar hedging in our backyard.  

Hello to the new magnolia tree in the  front yard.

Goodbye hideous landscaping in the front yard.

Hello happy flowers of spring in the front yard.

Goodbye bare branches of Winter everywhere.  Hello cheery green leaves of Spring.

Goodbye mean old neighbour next door who never took care of his horses, llamas or dogs.  Who threatened to shoot all of us for retrieving our dogs ball from his yard.  Who lost his leg to diabetes, then his wife to unhappiness.  Who moved out last week, but left his animals behind.  The only good that came from this place, were the quince branches that I stole at night.

And today, goodbye miniature horse who lived with this mean old man.  He was left behind along with four llamas.  Today I called the SPCA, and he was taken away.  Goodbye little friend.  We did the best we could for you - without getting shot or sworn at.  Lily will be looking for you every day, for a very long time.
I'm sad.