photo by Janis Nicolay
Sure, I look happy.  I was then.  But now, I'm not.
 This is my new kitchen where I will make Missing Goat Jams.  This was day one, and my sweet friend Janis came by to document it.  The joy ended two days later.  Now I'm just dealing.
Trying desperately to avoid the stress of my new kitchen, gas leeks, the complexities of gluten, and that my yard looks like a group of deranged bushmen with chainsaws got liquored up and went wild, we poked about the yard to see what was happening.

In my Garden Today..


They are calming.

They are simple and beautiful.

Chive Blossoms. 

Apple tree blossoms. 

and a personal favourite, Lily of the Valley.

Though it doens't compare with my Lily - also of the Valley. 
The Fraser Valley, that is.