First Day Off..

Here's how the first day off went.. Met my sisters new puppy.

I'm sorry, but is that not the most pinchable butt ever!
He's a rescue mish/mosh puppy from the pound.  Makes him even cuter, doesn't it.

Set up a new happy place in my house.  My dear friend Janis over at Pinecone Camp, gave me the beautiful photograph.  I've hung it next to the bird painting her husband Rob did.

so cute, it deserves two shots!

I fiddled with my mantle -  a collection of glass bottles and a fire king bowl..

I fiddled with some flowers's lilac season here.

I found a pretty new flower in the garden..hello new flower.

I had two giant fights with my two and a half year old today.  She finally passed out. 
I sat down, sighed, looked out the window.  The end of the day.  The blueberry patch was glowing.
I had to take a shot.
..and now I'm going for the wine bottle.