Missing Goat Spotted at Granville Island..

Today, Goat was spotted at Granville Island in Vancouver. 
In Edible BC to be exact.  Eating my Apple Curry Chutney asking, 
"Is that fresh Ginger, or did you kick me!"
"It is fresh ginger" the lady replied, "but I kicked you too.  Now get out".

We got the call, and headed out.  I packed up the kids - yes, today I had two, but just for a few hours.

A little aqua bus ride, and we were there.  Granville Island.

You'll be happy to know, I did not get one of these big boys stuck in my hair this time.  Yes, it really did happen and no, I don't want to get into it with you right now.  Like a deleted scene from Hitchcocks The Birds.  Not pretty, and hard to believe what you are seeing, is actually happening.

I'm a Guest Blogger over at HGTV.CA today.  They loved Lily's birthday party so much, they are running it for their readers.  It really was cute as ever!!   Have a peek if you missed it last fall.