An Asian Tempest in My Garden..

In the pouring rain yesterday, we harvested the first of the seven beds of garlic. 

Asian Tempest is the variety.  Should be temptress - don't you agree!

We planted about 8 or so different kinds.  This is the first one that is ready.
We'll be selling it in the Shabby Shack here at Missing Goat farm.
Yikes, we are opening in two weeks.  Panic.

 Where did everyone go?
I need someone to hold this garlic bulb!!!
 Ok, everyone bailed on me.  Grr
It really is pouring rain out here. Fairweather family.

Truth be told, I brought the patio umbrella over and stuck in in the raised bed.
It's pretty dry under here, and somewhat cheerful.

Who's coming for garlic!  Mimi? Kim?