Signs of Summer..

I think summer is finally here.

The delphiniums are up and there is a rumour of ripe raspberries. 
Apparently spotted by someone while passing by on the tractor.  


Hello Hydrangeas.  Seems to be a blue week in the garden. 
In my mind, I was listing the treats I could make with the raspberries.  A pie, or some tarts..maybe a fresh batch of jam.

I made lemonade from scratch - adding things like pavlova with fresh raspberries to my list. 

The ladder is in place as the cherries are ripening.  Oh, I could make raspberry turnovers!

Just a handful this time (these are my wee girls hands).  Give it a few more days, and we will fill a bucket..or two.
It doesn't matter, there are raspberries!

Ok, you're just really pretty - but I must go, there are raspberries, did you hear?


Ah Nuts.  Rumours - I should know better. 
This was the only berry on the bush. 
And, I'm shooting with a macro.