To Garden, To Gather or to Roost...

Yes, here I am in my gum boots.  I told you they're my favourite foot wear.  I'm working on my greenhouse here for a story we did for Country Living a few years ago.
Speaking of...
I have a question - and I know the answer already, but I'm interested in your opinion.

This little greenhouse that my husband built me for a wedding present has seen it's share of photo shoots.
We shoot here annually for the local organic gardener.  We've had models - male and female - all lovely posing in October pretending it's a spring day. 

It's been a glamorous gathering spot for the ladies - and apparently a place I paint!??  What?

And for years, it's served a purpose.

I want these.  Well, not these ones exactly, but the pretty ones with bonnets and anklets. 
So you know where I'm going with this.
Can it now be a cute home for the chickens?
All images but the last are by my sweet friend Janis Nicolay.