Ok Ok, I Get it..

Ok, Ok, I won't convert the greenhouse into a chicken coop.  This potato is on your side too.  I pulled it up the other day for dinner, and it seems that his vote is the same as most of yours - he loves the greenhouse too.
I ate it by the way.

The farm is doing really well.  Pies are selling, berries are really selling.

Jams are flying out the door, and I've next to no garlic left.
It's only been two weeks and I have a month to go.  Yikes.

My little Midge has found a love for hammocks...

..and, after a nasty ear infection and trip to the doctor, a love of fruit loops. 
We blame daddy for this.  He will give her anything if she asks.

So, I will counter those fruit loops, with homemade fruit pops,

out to the garden..

mash each fruit separately, and strain the raspberries.  I add agave nectar to sweeten - the amount is up to you - regular sugar will work too, but may be gritty.  I also add a few heaping tablespoons of organic planin yogurt to smooth it out.  Pour in layers into cups.

extra can be made into cubes for snacks or drinks


There we go.  I feel better and so does she.