How to Eat a Blueberry..

I present to you..
Two ways to enjoy the first berries of the season..
1.  Pick the perfect berry.

2.  Eat it.
(closing your eyes enhances the moment - the same applies to singing Brandy (you're a fine girl)
You know what I'm saying.

The second way..a tad more savage, but equally effective.
1.  Take two handfuls of berries.

2.  Stuff them in fast...chew.

Allison over at The Life of a Novice! sent me this award two weeks ago.  We were just going away, so I am now sending my thanks to her!
I must now share 7 things about myself..
1.  I'm eating a Peanut Buster Parfait from Dairy Queen.  How very un-organic of me.
2.  I secretly have the hots for Kid Rock.  He's a red neck beer singing fool, and damn, I like it.
3.  I can't keep a house plant alive, and frankly, don't want to.
4.  I had a big fight with my husband this morning.
5.  One of my favourite movies is Captain Ron.
6.  People magazine called three weeks ago and asked if I could style a shoot with Sheryl Crow and Sarah McLachlan - I didn't want to do it.
7.  I only have six.