Time to Open ...

Well it's that time.  Time to open up the farm tomorrow.  Every Friday and Saturday beginning July 9th from 10am till 2pm until early September.
Ok, you're right, that's not a clock, it's the garlic scale.  But it worked for my title - no?


This is my Shabby Shack here at Missing Goat farm.  It's seen many photo sessions, renovations, make overs and visitors.  We've had parties, cooked in the old stove inside, drank wine, and had pumpkin carving sessions in the fall.  Oh, it's also seen a naked Bride and Groom covered in bubbles in the tub we use to have in there.  Very long story.

Now, it's also home to this robin and her three wee babes. 
Of course, they have nested right by the door.

So, if you live nearby, come visit.  The berries aren't ready yet, but we have some of the garlic we grew, jams, chutneys, and an amazing coffee from Nova Scotia that is organic, free trade and bloody tasty!
Berries will be in soon, as summer seems to have finally come the west coast.