Random Thoughts..

Like I'm sure so many of you did this week..I sat in the car with a knot in my stomach and slight burning in my eyes.  I had left the building - step one. I drove to Starbucks, grabbed a frap - step two.  I then drove back to the parking lot, outside the building.
And I waited.  But not for long.  I went back in the building and sat on a wee chair not meant for my ass, and I waited some more.
It was the first day of pre-school.
In one moment, I felt ill, sad, and excited at the possibility of free time.

She's just two - well.. three in November. 
Where did time go.  Today, she pulled up a chair, and started cracking open the black beans we grew.
I didn't ask her to do this.  And, clearly, she took it seriously.

 She was working really hard - and well, she was doing a lot of them.  Personally, I didn't find it as enjoyable as she seems to.  Plus, lets face it, she was focused and quiet.
I offered much praise!


Just this morning I was cursing these damn beans. 
Honestly, who would sit for hours pulling out little beans.  Oh, wait... - other than my daughter?
It only takes 3.7 seconds to pull the lever at the bulk bean bin.
Is there a better way?

While she shucked beans, I focused on another issue.
Fruit flies in the kitchen.
The most annoying thing on the planet in the summer.
I've discovered the best way to get them.  At first, I thought it was all about getting your hands wet before you crushed them with a viscious clap.  Momentarily rewarding, but there is another way..
The vacuum.
Remove the head and attack with the nozzle. 
They cannot escape the suction - this is their weakness, this is their downfall.
How long should I let her do those beans for? 


AnnaVallance said...

In two days I will be returning to the land that calls to me (Italy) where as a small child I was taught by my grandmother how to shuck beans. It was important work - saving those beans for winter time.

Deanna (Silly Goose Farm) said...

Oh my goodness, she is darling! She reminds me so much of my daughter (2 in December) with those little ringlets around her face and look of determination.

Good luck, I can't believe preschool is right around the corner for us (my husband is a college professor, and there is a preschool right on campus! How convenient).

Found your blog recently and love your posts. Great photos!

donna baker said...

Has she eaten them yet? My three children flew away many years ago. It was painful for me but not for them. I guess that means they are going to be just fine.

hostess of the humble bungalow said...

I remember....and I was in a Co-Op preschool where we Mom's did duty days....we all saw how great and well adjusted our kids were...so healthy....and so heartbreaking....such an emotional turmoil!

Debbie said...

Your little girl is such a darling...
Great tip for the summer flies!
I must remember to do that... next year.
Thanks for sharing!


Mrs. Sutton said...

She's SO lovely! I remember the first days of freedom after my twins had started pre-school - I waited for their tears and the only ones that came were from me! I have to admit though, now that the twins are 6 and my son is 9, the only tears that come at the start of a new term after a LONG holiday - are tears of joy - once again - from me!!! LOVE your post, and your amazing photographs. xx p.s. If I were you, I would show that fabulously dedicated and gorgeously hardworking daughter of yours the joys of sweeping, ironing, folding and scrubbing too - ha ha!

mise said...

My younger daughter just started as well - wobbly for the first week. That's a lovely photo of Lily working intently away. There's a very zen look about it - if you were to video her it would probably be a smash hit on youtube.

Healing Woman said...

I love your style of writing. Coming to your blog takes me back to my life with my four children. Nothing surpassed it since. You make me feel as though I am sitting there with your darling little girl and watching her peel the beans...

Ana Degenaar said...

Oh my! this post is so sweet and funny at the same time, specially because as you write she is STILL working on those beans... love that!

Maybe let her just until she stops finding it fun ;)

Kristine said...

Ok...why does sucking up fruit flies sound like so much fun? lol

And your daughter is precious!

A House and Home said...

How much you are missing your daughter at pre-school just highlights to me how much you enjoyed the time with her, which I guess is a round about way of saying it's wonderful that you had the time and that you really took advantage of it. It breaks my heart a little, knowing that I do not have that time with my son and wondering what we would do if I did...is it the same as the weekends or different? I wonder. Good luck in this next step. The world deserves to get to know your little super soaker.

Courtney said...

She looks so very intense, and of course so very adorable. Best of luck to her (and you!) in her first days of pre-school.

Ms. Givens said...

What a pretty blog. I read the Country Living when I go to my moms.

Destiny said...

Awww...my little girl (who is 3) started preschool 3 weeks ago. It was very bittersweet, but now that I'm used to it and know that she's happy there, I'm LOVING my free time. It's not so great for my pocketbook though...that's all I do for the 2 1/2 hours that I wait for her - shop, shop, shop! The bean shucking is really cute! Isn't it funny how seriously they take things like that. It's so fun to watch! Hugs to you as you adjust to leaving her at preschool! : )

Iniyaal said...

Your little daughter is amazing.. look at the focus in her eyes. Next time I cut greens or peal beans, I will remind myself how enoyable it is if only I focus on it :)

Fräulein Klein said...

I love starbucks! We have a few starbucks in every big Town in germany!
I adore your wonderful photos!
Have a great weekend,

Barbara said...

That's so cute, Heather. It's a perfect job for the little ones. I remember well sitting outside on the stoop with big pots and shucking corn and shelling peas. We never tired of it either.

VictoriaArt said...

She is so concentrated at her work! Lovely! There is a time when those little ones feel the satisfaction of work done...So sweet, your little girl!
And those early days of pre-school, yes time flies! I remember my heavy heart at first and then some relief and hope. (I have 4) And Starbucks too!
My youngest is in 5th grade now and even last year, when my daughter entered junior high, there was some nervousness...


IVM said...

i love your blog, just found u thru vintage home! i had the same feelings last week about my little guy going to preschool!

i would love to get a taste of your lovely jams and jellies!! stop by the ivoryvintagemarket blog...perhaps you'd like to join our market this october?!

maría cecilia said...

Soooo cute and lovely your little one pulling out the beans... adorable!!!!

c and d said...

oh heather, i feel your pain. it gets better though, and now as my babes are older it gets harder again... : (
amazing little one you have..takes after her momma.

Vintage Home said...

...ah I have been a bad and somehow missed these last few ...this one especially ...how was it fri?..or does she go only wed?..anyway to keep me from thinking only of my girl in Australia...i just keep busy or do nothing at all!......sound weird I know but it works....you are such a dear mom!