Random Thoughts..

Like I'm sure so many of you did this week..I sat in the car with a knot in my stomach and slight burning in my eyes.  I had left the building - step one. I drove to Starbucks, grabbed a frap - step two.  I then drove back to the parking lot, outside the building.
And I waited.  But not for long.  I went back in the building and sat on a wee chair not meant for my ass, and I waited some more.
It was the first day of pre-school.
In one moment, I felt ill, sad, and excited at the possibility of free time.

She's just two - well.. three in November. 
Where did time go.  Today, she pulled up a chair, and started cracking open the black beans we grew.
I didn't ask her to do this.  And, clearly, she took it seriously.

 She was working really hard - and well, she was doing a lot of them.  Personally, I didn't find it as enjoyable as she seems to.  Plus, lets face it, she was focused and quiet.
I offered much praise!


Just this morning I was cursing these damn beans. 
Honestly, who would sit for hours pulling out little beans.  Oh, wait... - other than my daughter?
It only takes 3.7 seconds to pull the lever at the bulk bean bin.
Is there a better way?

While she shucked beans, I focused on another issue.
Fruit flies in the kitchen.
The most annoying thing on the planet in the summer.
I've discovered the best way to get them.  At first, I thought it was all about getting your hands wet before you crushed them with a viscious clap.  Momentarily rewarding, but there is another way..
The vacuum.
Remove the head and attack with the nozzle. 
They cannot escape the suction - this is their weakness, this is their downfall.
How long should I let her do those beans for?