The Good Dad..

 It's been busy lately.  I had to work all day on a shoot last week, and got home at 7pm.
What did I see when I got home.. my daughter chasing her dad across the front lawn in the dark with a super soaker in the dark.
It was a chilly fall night, but that didn't stop them from..

.. pitching the tent and camping out in the backyard.
A bon fire was blazing as well. 
They'd been roasting mini marshmallows on sticks, as we didn't have any regular sized ones. 

Daddy had also hung a new rope swing for her that day. 
It's a simple stick on a rope, but it's the best thing in the world as far as she is concerned. 
 Now, she can fly.

To her, he is the best dad ever.  He's Mr.Fun.
They go for long walks in the woods, they sit in the boat
(which is on the front lawn right now) and have high sea adventures.
They pick apples and have picnics with the ducks.

Daddy also painted her toe nails a very fashionable purple that day.

Guess I've got some apple sauce to make now.