Choking on my Spit...

We had our first snowfall.  About 5 inches. 

Very pretty.

Last week, I was told an interview I did about a year and a half ago was starting air all over the US.
It was for Roadtrip Nation - students looking to speak with people who have followed their dreams.
Looking for inspiration..looking direction.
I was one of those people.

I didn't think I would share this with all of you. 
Nerves, fear, doubt, resurfacing stalkers from the past.
But then I went back to visit the interview today.
I found another section under the media tab.  It has three other short interviews.
One was titles titled 'To choke or not to choke`
after I watched this clip, all about how I choke on my spit when in front of a camera, I thought ..
ok, this is something to share!
Have a laugh, get to know me a bit, and please, be kind.