One of These Things...

It's like the farm is on fire these days.

The blueberry bushes are blazing red.

The Japanese Maples are spectacular.

The dried echinacea and  sunflowers are beautiful.

Even a missing goat has to stop and look back.

And if you have to search for slugs, what prettier place than under blazing red bushes.
Hmm.  It was taking this shot that lead me to a few epiphanies.
1.  Taking pictures of ducks is really hard..and...

2.  One of these things is not like the other!
It's that wee curl in the feather - do you see it.  It doesn't seem like much.
But believe me, it is something!
That tiny added volume on Poppy's behind ...well, it doesn't mean she's been up early using a hot iron or rollers.  It means only one thing.
Poppy is a Pepper.
Or in more simple terms - she is a he.