Countdown to...Emergency

This last week has been crazy.  Like many of you, it's all about baking..

Baking in my adorable new apron, that is...
I dare say, I`d wear this over my jeans in the summer.

Baking with my girl, who eats more of the icing than she applies...

No, I'm not outside, I'm inside.
 This week also included a lot of glittering...

Ugly old candlesticks are now sparkly and new...

My girls very first Christmas play.  She's the first one on the left.

This guessed it, more baking. 
School pressure - anyone know what I`m talking about here!
And this is pre-school.

Also, trying to be the perfect festive mom.  Decorating, crafting, gingerbread houses, shopping, festive light tours, train rides..

But how can we not do these things.  This is what it`s all about.

On top of all that, a lot of styling jobs, multiple 3am jam making nights, deliveries and shipments, holiday luncheon parties, craft fairs, and of course, more baking.   
By tuesday morning, I couldn't breathe. 
Off to the emergency.
I have pneumonia, bronchitis, and I tore the muscles between my ribs from coughing.
I guess that would be my wall.  It`s taller than I thought it would be.  I hit it hard.
Super mom/super career gal fails.
But the drugs are swell.  Now, I can fly.