An Early Gift...

Yesterday, while she was in school, I shopped.
I shopped for pink mats, pink towels.
A pretty hairbrush, some Evian misting spray...

Clippies for her hair, puffs to wipe her cheeks...

And now, she has her very own bathroom.
The guests and daddy are now banned from this space.  It's hers.
All hers.  Yes, she is three.  I may have gone overboard.
But the utter joy on her face..the happiness and pride of having her own place. 
The....well, perhaps excessive hair brushing, use of lotions, lipsticks and mists...they make my heart melt.

Bath time is a breeze now.  She can't wait.
I'm sure this will pass, I'm no fool.

I designed this bathroom for her two years ago. 

And, though I took out most of the bits - you know, the bits you put in so guests say,
"Sweet Mother of Pearl, this is fabulous, she thought of everything!!!!"
I left some of my favourite bits.
Oh, and this isn't the red project.  It's the spontaneous pink one.