I was going to do a post on the garlic coming up in the exciting this was!  
A sign of Spring! 
Ahh, the dew drops. 
You know, that sort of thing..but then
something happened.

It was just a regular day. 
We'd had breakfast, planned out our day and then, I went to let the ducks out.
And this is where things changed in my life forever.

There it was. 
Very unexpected.  Very hard to see.
Dropped on the middle of the floor like a bad penny.
An egg. 
Our first egg from the ducks.
My first egg ever on my own farm.
I wasn't eggspecting this sort of thing till Spring!

I don't know who laid this egg. 
Mabel?  Olive??  We know it wasn't Poppy. 
They aren't talking.


 I have my suspicions.  Olive seemed particularly proud today.
Maybe she feels like I do after I loose three pounds during hot yoga.
I have to say, I was torn between eggcitement and being a tiny bit grossed out.

But, I got over that.

And I have to was an eggcellent fried egg sandwich.