Whole Wheat Rice Crispie Squares..Seriously!

I picked up the book Deceptively Delicious - how to fool your kids and slip healthy bits into their food. 
Does it work - no, but we are enjoying the meals while our girl eats yogurt, toast and shredded cheese.
There is one though - one miracle recipe that is a big hit...
It's whole wheat organic rice crispie squares with flax meal! 

Put one package of marshmallows in a pot with 1 tablespoon butter or margarine.

I love that she doesn't think I will notice all the wee bites out of the marshmallows.
Melt them on the stove.

Now here is the twist..add six cups of organic whole wheat rice crispies and 1/4 cup of ground flax meal.
Mix it all up and drop it into a lightly buttered dish to cool.

Clean up.

Just like the regular squares, but deceptively nutritious!

So, the name and principal works.. in this case.

But, try pulling the 'cocoa with sweet potato' wool over on a 9 year old - it's not pretty.

And when you realize she has eaten a quarter of the pan, you think..hey, super, she's had her fair share of ruffage!

I have been awarded three stylish blogger awards in the last two days.  I blush! 
Thank you to:
Maureen of Mo Funk Designs

Something you don't know about me..
I'm learning to play the guitar so I can sing around our fire pit.  You are all welcome to join me.
I will serve homemade marshmallow shots with Baileys.

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Michael - Innkeeper said...

these actually look really good! thanks for sharing.

simpledaisy said...

Those look fantastic!!!! Who doesn't love rice krispy squares:):):)

ps...e-mail me when you get a chance....you won my give-away!!!!!!

A Serenade for Solitude said...

Yum! Those will go into "make soon" file!!Thanks. :)

Southern Lady said...

Sounds yummy! Carla

cathy said...

Those look so good!

Janet Dillon Robinson said...

Oh yum!!! I will have to try these, thank you :)

Ana Degenaar said...

Sounds sticky and delicious!

Melissa said...

What a great idea as I love rice krispy treats but much better if a bit of nutrional value to them!

Natasha said...

Ha, too clever! I must pass this recipe along to my girlfriends with small kids. Marshmellow shots with Baileys sounds amazing, I wish! ;)

The enchanted home said...

I actually had these, they aren't quite the same but frankyl arent' so different that I think most kids would notice the difference, the color is a little darker but normally they are so excited about eating them, they just dig right in!

red ticking said...

whew good one... he he... and congratulations... w all love you!!!xxxxx

Sally said...

I really have to know more about the marshmallow shots. please.

mise said...

My huge breakthrough with healthy(ish) eating for children was the notion of the Buffet Platter. If I offer or give them individual foods, they turn them down and throw sharp toys at me, maybe even call me a dumb old girl. I offer them a Buffet Platter and they are full of enthusiasm. And I get to choose what's on it! Peppers, cheese, sliced apple, all the things they don't like, glamourised by being part of a selection, and, if they are VERY good, by being on a revolving plate.

Those wee marshmallow bites are ever so endearing.

Lisa said...

How nice to find you via The Enchanted Home. I love seeing your children in the kitchen. I just wrote a story for Preserves the Blog which brought back a flood of memories of being in the kitchen with my mom from a very early age.
It's a special time for you all for sure.
I'm looking forward to following you along for A Day In the Country! Off to see your farm.
Best, Lisa

Melissa@wheatgrassnwine said...

Congrats on your awards- they are well deserved! Love your blog....and good for you on the guitar playing- isn't it fun? I hardly play anymore. Only around fires. After I've been fed wine. Probably not the best idea (don't drink & play!) but whatevs...xo

Gigi said...

Brilliant! I have various nieces and nephews coming to visit over the next few weeks, so this recipe will come in handy. I love the wee bites from the marshmallows! I would've done the same at her age. Actually, I'd do it now, too! xo Gigi

A Serenade for Solitude said...

So glad I found this again! Just searched for about twenty minutes looking for it! Can't wait to try it!

Stay-At-Home-Chef said...

Great post! I recently made a batch but instead of marshmallows I used peanut butter and dark chocolate. Completely addictive :)