Things that Shock, Rock or Just Plain Suck..

I'm desperate for spring, and it's snowing again.
This orchid branch I bought for a photo shoot perked me up...
..till I had to leave it at their house.
That gets a big Suck!

This is Deep Cove - I love this small village/town in North Vancouver - this place is a Rock!
We were here on the weekend shooting a spectacular home on the ocean.
We went to shoot the en suite bathroom and in the giant mirror, above the his and her sinks, coming through the glass...can you even guess!!??  A TV.  Yes, a television was in the mirror - just the image - no frame or sign of the TV if it wasn't turned on. 
This brought on a mixture of emotions.  At first, Shock! .. and a tiny bit of a 'this sucks' too - for us anyway!

What also sucks is that TV is highlighted in yellow in this paragraph, and I can't make it go away.

My new favourite store found in Deep Cove - Room 6
Big Rock!

Carrot chips..

I've tried them three ways and they really really really suck.

My little nephew turned one.
 These happy cake fingers Rock! girl is in her first 'parent free' swim class. 
That Rocks!
And now, as I was just reviewing my post, I noticed I have 666 followers!!!
Sweet Peter Paul and Mary! 
Can someone/anyone just please follow me to get that number off my site!