I Love BC...

The last three days have been spectacular - really cold, but spectacular! 
I had my tenth wedding anniversary on the 30th, and my sweet fella gave me a new camera!!
I loved my old camera, but it was about 8 years old, and had some flaws.
HOWEVER... my new camera is bloody fabulous!
So, I present to you, some reasons I love living here in BC, captured through a new lens, altered in no way by photo shop... 

Even the lemon tarts are the divine in BC. 
There is a bakery on the way to the beach and they make the best lemon tarts I have ever had. 
Though, I ask you all - or rather I ask all you who also love the lemon tart...
has anyone else ever noticed, just from time to time... when you eat a lemon tart, there is a slight, or rather just a wee hint of..well, the taste of how a wet dog smells?
Is it just me?
Oh yes, Happy New Year to everyone!