What I've learnt..

That if the egg is not in the nest...check the bushes!
Sneaky duck.
What I still haven't learnt.. is who is laying these?!!  Recon mission..anyone in?

Sadly, I learnt the Cloverdale Antique Mall is closing.  big sigh.
One of my favourite places to escape to.
I grabbed a deal on shutters though!

What almost none of you know, is that my husband built me my own private commercial
kitchen for Missing Goat Farm. 
What I learnt a few days ago, is that it has passed inspection!

And last night, I learnt that I CAN make perogies!

I tried a new dough recipe with sour cream in it - WOW!  so much easier to work with.

I made yam, leek and smoked gouda perogies.

Part two tonight - I have about 50 more to make and pop in the freezer.
What did you learn lately?