In My Garden...

It's been a tough week. 

Not because it snowed...AGAIN!

But because little Mabel, my duck, has a terrible infection in her foot.
Each day, I've had to take give her medicine - orally, with a syringe.
Twice a day.
Imagine that if you can.
I couldn't.

Four trips to the vet in one week, three types of antibiotics, and I don't see improvement.
What did seem to perk her up - was a warm hot tub in the snow.
Don't tell my husband, but I drained the hot water tank filling this silly pool.

Is it me, or does this snow seem to be holding hands?

My kind neighbour invited my girl over to build a snowman with him. 
He made it ten feet tall so she could see it over the fence from her bedroom window.
How sweet is that.  It's huge!

Any tips on ways to get medicine into a duck are welcome.  
This morning I wrapped it in lettuce - a spring roll of sorts.  I then spent an hour searching the entire farm for a snail.  I thought putting the medicine in the shell, then throwing it to her (as they swallow them practically whole) was brilliant!
Think I could find one!  No.