In My Garden...

It's been a tough week. 

Not because it snowed...AGAIN!

But because little Mabel, my duck, has a terrible infection in her foot.
Each day, I've had to take give her medicine - orally, with a syringe.
Twice a day.
Imagine that if you can.
I couldn't.

Four trips to the vet in one week, three types of antibiotics, and I don't see improvement.
What did seem to perk her up - was a warm hot tub in the snow.
Don't tell my husband, but I drained the hot water tank filling this silly pool.

Is it me, or does this snow seem to be holding hands?

My kind neighbour invited my girl over to build a snowman with him. 
He made it ten feet tall so she could see it over the fence from her bedroom window.
How sweet is that.  It's huge!

Any tips on ways to get medicine into a duck are welcome.  
This morning I wrapped it in lettuce - a spring roll of sorts.  I then spent an hour searching the entire farm for a snail.  I thought putting the medicine in the shell, then throwing it to her (as they swallow them practically whole) was brilliant!
Think I could find one!  No.


'odd and old' Linda Dacey said...

wishing you luck
and stamina
with the duck dilemma
and yes
how very kind
is your neighbour


Razmataz said...

What a worry....I can;t even get my cat to take a pill so i have no idea. You should ask John at Going Gently blog

He's a nurse and farmer and a sweetheart to boot...he knows his animals.

Allison at Novice Life said...

I am not sure what ducks eat, but you are on the right track. Sometimes, for my one horse who is a pain to worm, I core out an apple, squirt the wormer in in, and then feed him the apple since he'll eat 'em whole.

What about mixing the antibiotic into some warm applesauce laced with molasses? Will she eat that up?

Melissa said...

I so want your garden! I don't want the snow just the garden in the summer. Poor duck!

Muddy Boot Dreams said...

It's hard to find any bug right now, but maybe the apple sauce will work for you.

Poor baby.

Did you try to contact any of the animal shelters to see if they have any advice?

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

John Gray said...

Bumblefoot is a staph infection so antibiotics is the right treatment.
Has the vet given you any topical treatment as well?
I have only had one duck with it and I had to drain the abcess every day ( just a quick squeeze of the wound and a spray of antibacterial spray)
did the vet give you a syringe to give the antibiotic? they never like the taste do they?
good luck


Mallory said...

Too bad! One of my ducks kept having trouble with her foot - she would limp around but nothing seemed to visibly be wrong. I'm not too sure about Mabel, though. The only thing I can think of is bumblefoot, but I bet you would probably know if that was the problem (it's gross!). I hope everything gets better!

oldgreymare said...

snails in snow and ducks with maladies - oh dear you have had a week!

Hope Mabel is waddling well soon. : D


Jane said...

Poor Mabel! I use pure lavender oil for just about everything. You would need to check with your vet if it would be suitable for a duck though. perhaps a very diluted solution? I have given my chooks warm lavender baths if they don't look 100%. good luck. if you love her as much as i love my hen girls (sofia and louise!) I know who upsetting it can be. Jane

Deborah said...

Ahhh poor little darlin' :(
Hope she feels better. She must have loved the hot tub...that must have been soothing in itself. :)
Yes it does look like the snow is holding hands..maybe thats why its staying so long...the unity. lol
And what a kind neighbour to do that for your sweet is that!
Hope Mabels foot mends soon and that next week is a better one for you :)
Im praying for Mabel right now \0/

Deborah xo

Natasha said...

Poor little Mabel! I wish I had a suggestion but i've never had a duck. I am sending get better vibes her way though.
Natasha xo

Vintage Home said...

Oh Dear Mabel....Sorry to hear of her infection!....Sick pets are a heart ache!
I love your neighbour for building that snowman!..woman..person...whatever it is adorable and the best that your sweet one can see it from her room!
Take care and please keep us informed on Mabels recovery!

My Little Bungalow said...

Poor Mabel. I'm sure it's very stressful on you too. I know how stressed I feel when one of my dogs is sick. I hope the infection clears soon and that Mabel will be on the mend!

Pinecone Camp said...

Hope Mabel is getting better. I love the bw snowy pics.

kaye i. said...

Oh poor Mabel, feel better :(

I really wish I live in your neighbourhood. My neighbours are not that friendly, or maybe its because I'm always up at night. I rarely see them. But seriously, imagine if we're neighbours, I can give you all the figs from my tree and we can make jams and be happy neighbours happily ever after. I sound so dramatic, I'm like 30-40 minutes away from you, minus the Fraser Highway traffic. I'm crossing my fingers, hoping to visit the missing goat farm this summer!

Missing Goat said...

If you have figs Kaye, I'll come to you!!

Joanne Angelina said...

I must say that I am very glad to have come across your very lovely blog- I love the title of your blog to which sums up how I love to spend my days: in the country. Have a great upcoming weekend! Take care!

simpledaisy said...

awwww....sick Mabel and snow:(
Things can only get better, right!!!!!
Spring will come just has to!

Vintage Home said...

HI..hey how is Mabel?

Anne Marie... said...

that is a toughy...the medicine into the duck -

I totally recommend "utter balm" for your duck's foot so helps ours if something "is a miss"

and I think you have a smitten neighbor :) that snowman is so cute!

krys kirkpatrick said...

Oh what a bummer for the duck. How about a worm? Or an anchovy. Don't ducks eat fish?

Victoria - Ozarks Crescent Mural said...

Oh, I sure hope Mabel gets better soon.

Alice said...

wonderful! Good work!

kaye i. said...

I'll let you know when its ready :)