The Latest Buzzz..

Something was a buzz in the blueberry patch this weekend.

Yes, we have bees again. 

We use to keep bees, but my husband became very allergic. 
Since he was the bee keeper, that was that.
Now, a lovely neighbour has taken up bee keeping, and asked if he could keep them here.
Bee keeping is magical, and when I get more time, I'll get back into it. 
I think I have shot about 5 stories on bees over the years for magazines.
The smell of warm honey in the summer, the taste of fresh honeycomb!
Can't wait.

On the Mabel front..not so good. 
She is going in for her second foot surgery.
I'm so torn - am I torturing her with all this medication, surgery, injections, wraps.
Should I just let her be.
I've decided to give surgery one more chance.
I don't think I'd forgive myself if I didn't give her a shot at a happy life.

On the cuter, less sad side of farm life..
we've been letting the baby chicks flutter about the room. 
They are trying to fly, and love to run.
It's hilarious to watch.
Seems to me, that Peep (the yellow one) has discovered what we didn't know either...

...Cocoa's bottom is damn cute! And white?!

Size perspective.


grrl + dog said...

I looove bees!
Glad they have made their way back into your life..

Tom Stephenson said...

What nice chickies. It's strange how bee-keepers do not build up a resistance - just the opposite. Shame.

Morgan said...

please write a post on bee keeping!
i'm so interested!

Serendipitous Home said...

Those are so cute and thanks for making us smile this morning!

Deanna (Silly Goose Farm) said...

Whenever I hear about "bees in the blueberry patch" I think of berry-picking as a teenager. I stepped on a ground hornets nest, was stung 13 times, and went into anaphylaxis. Still, I really want to keep bees!

Happy Homemaker UK said...

New to your blog, and a huge fan already. We are hoping to get chicks in a few years - lucky you!

c and d said...

so adorable! and poor're a good 'mother'. what an awesome experience for 'midge' too...hope mabel's surgery is a success! boy you have your hands full.

Nessa Robins said...

Those chicks are just so cute! I would love to hear more about your bee keeping. I would love some but would fear to have them because of the children. Thanks Nessa.

Lavender Cottage said...

Good news to hear you will have bees again - such important little insects.
I am so enjoying your little chicks along with you - and you get to do all the work. :-) Hope Mabel comes through her surgery OK.

Lady Grey said...

oh man these photos melt my heart! That last one is priceless.
I really hope Mabel's surgery goes well.

Loretta said...

Your little peeps are tooo cute! Bees back, know you are happy. My friend's came back a few days ago also. Is this a good thing? Happy days...

pollydove said...

awe, so much adorableness on a farm! ;)

Anonymous said...

Your duck needs a culture done on her foot asap. Also you need to keep it wrapped or at least a wound protective gel on it...Dr. Sharon Prus at Kennedy Heights would be a great start.

Natasha said...

Ha! Cocoa's tushy is adorable!
Your farm sounds lovely, I only wish that I were closer and could come visit!
I am sending Mabel good vibes for her 2nd surgery. Natasha xo

Madelief said...

Oh you have bees! It's one of my husbands dreams to keep bees. He hasn't been in training yet, but hopefully he will in a year or two. I think it is a good thing to become a bee keeper. In Holland the poppulation of bees has gone downhill rapidly the last couple of years. We need bees so much!

Hope the second operation will work out for Mabel.

Lieve groet & happy day!


Carol@TheDesignPages said...

What a beautiful pictorial description of life in the country.

Ocean Breezes and Country Sneezes said...

I hope your reward if free honey! Those chicks are so darn cute! Love the white bottom on the little black one!

Vintage Home said...

Wonderful images!...I love your farm!