Meet the Girls...

 Can one be considered a farmer is there are no chickens on the farm?
I didn't think so.
So, meet the newest girls here at Missing Goat.
All of six days old,.this is...
Haddie Doe.
Yes, you read that right - my wee girl of three got to name one..and that is the name she picked.
Now you know why I only let her name one.
She is a silver laced wyandotte

Here is Coco. 
She is a cuckoo maran - originating in, coco it is.
If she is nuts, we'll go back to cuckoo.

My niece named this one Peep. 
Lets face it, Easter is coming, and she looks like a marshmallow peep.
She is a buff orphington.

This is my very pretty lady.  An Araucana.  She almost looks like an owl.
She is yet to be named, and I'm looking for ideas!!
Already declined:
Princess Snow White
Princess Belle
Princess Cinderella
Foofie, Woofie and
Haddie Boa - very similar to Haddie Doe.

This feisty little mama is Johnny Drama. 
I know, that is a boys name, but she reminds me of Johnny Drama from Entourage.
All puffed up and full of herself.
She is a dark brahma - thus the name drama.

   But really, she's not so tough. 

A happier girl, there could not be.