Lucky Duck...

Don't worry, this isn't a floral tribute to Mabel's life, I did a shoot for a magazine on flowers at my house.  Mabel is alive and did not have the second surgery all thanks to an anonymous blogger who left me the name of a vet.  She said I 'MUST' go see this woman.
So I did. 

As I was telling my friend Kim today,
I always felt odd taking my duck to the vet. 
People always looked at you funny. 
Generally, if a duck is sick, it's tough luck duck. 
Then I went to the new vet.
Treater of all things rare or unusual.

As I sat there, between the marsupial flying squirrel and two egg laying dragon lizards, I felt rather un-odd.  
I also felt unsure of which to be more concerned about leaping at my face,
but...didn't happen.
We exchange some light banter, then Mabel and I took our turn in the exam room.

She had the two month long file on Mabel.  All the drugs, the other operation.  Everything.
She thought the drugs were a bit over the top for a four pound duck.  I said I did too. 
I then explained how they had just given me a new antibiotic, but in my heart, I just felt like they were hurting Mabel more than helping her. I gave the vet the bottle of new pills.
I confessed that I did not give her the new drugs.  That she had been off all drugs for five days now, as my 'little voice' was saying this is wrong.
To let her be.

I've always tried to listen to my little voice. 
And, in this case, had I not, I would have killed my sweet duck.
It was the dosage for a full grown human being - or perhaps, in this case, small cow. 
So, though Mabel struggles to keep up with the others...

..she is happier. 
She is Healthier.
She is always watched over by Poppy ..and my little voice.
The vet gave me a topical solution to apply once a day, to draw out the infection.
This is what they use on the swans she told me.
"Well, of course, the swans", I said.
She also said she would never do surgery on her. 

So, thank you anonymous blogger - who ever you are.
Mabel thanks you too.