Lucky Duck...

Don't worry, this isn't a floral tribute to Mabel's life, I did a shoot for a magazine on flowers at my house.  Mabel is alive and did not have the second surgery all thanks to an anonymous blogger who left me the name of a vet.  She said I 'MUST' go see this woman.
So I did. 

As I was telling my friend Kim today,
I always felt odd taking my duck to the vet. 
People always looked at you funny. 
Generally, if a duck is sick, it's tough luck duck. 
Then I went to the new vet.
Treater of all things rare or unusual.

As I sat there, between the marsupial flying squirrel and two egg laying dragon lizards, I felt rather un-odd.  
I also felt unsure of which to be more concerned about leaping at my face,
but...didn't happen.
We exchange some light banter, then Mabel and I took our turn in the exam room.

She had the two month long file on Mabel.  All the drugs, the other operation.  Everything.
She thought the drugs were a bit over the top for a four pound duck.  I said I did too. 
I then explained how they had just given me a new antibiotic, but in my heart, I just felt like they were hurting Mabel more than helping her. I gave the vet the bottle of new pills.
I confessed that I did not give her the new drugs.  That she had been off all drugs for five days now, as my 'little voice' was saying this is wrong.
To let her be.

I've always tried to listen to my little voice. 
And, in this case, had I not, I would have killed my sweet duck.
It was the dosage for a full grown human being - or perhaps, in this case, small cow. 
So, though Mabel struggles to keep up with the others...

..she is happier. 
She is Healthier.
She is always watched over by Poppy ..and my little voice.
The vet gave me a topical solution to apply once a day, to draw out the infection.
This is what they use on the swans she told me.
"Well, of course, the swans", I said.
She also said she would never do surgery on her. 

So, thank you anonymous blogger - who ever you are.
Mabel thanks you too.


Jane said...

oh, what a great story. Go Mabel! Loving you from afar (australia). Louise and Sofia (chooks) send you their best wishes. Jane

mise said...

That's such a good story, and you must be one of those people with inner understanding who just know what to do about creatures. Long may it stand you and them in good stead.

Michelle | Goat Berries said...

Aw, so happy to hear about your sweet Mabel; I look forward to following your blog -- looks so welcoming :)

Lavender Cottage said...

A very happy duck story. How fortunate you did find a natural healer for your Mabel so that she'll be comfortable without having to take more medications.

Morgan said...

oh yay!

Robin Larkspur said...

Good for you and good for Mabel. And good for the Anonymous Blogger!

Red Gate Farm said...

Beautiful photos as always... and I'm so happy to hear that Mabel may be on the mend!


hostess of the humble bungalow said...

Good luck Mabel...we are wishing you a speedy recovery!
Thank you to the anonymous blogger too...

Megan said...

This story brought tears to my eyes (animal stories will do that to me). I'm so, so happy that your sweet duckling is doing better.

Patricia said...

Hooray for Mabel, and that frilly tulip is absolutely georgeous.

Lakeshore Cottage Living said...

That is very good news for lovely little Mabel. I have to be honest to tell you that I WAS nervous when I saw the flower pictures...thought she was a goner. I love your sweet spirit!

Vintage Home said...

kinda crying here happiness.
The kind help oh an anonymous person...very sweet!
Your pictures are amazing!
Yeah to all of you & Mabel in particular!

kimberly said...

Oh, the greatness of the internet and the "friendships" we gain. I am glad to hear your girl is doing better and I hope that your new solution works!
I had my mom checking to see what the border rules were on bringing chicks across - I am on it if they will let me! We have great options here!

Lady Grey said...

Aww, great story! I'm starting to feel rather fond of your duck... I'm glad she doesn't need the surgery : )

wowaccountforsale said...

Thanks goodness shes okay. Shes a very lucky duck indeed to have a caring owner like you. Got to thank all the vets same way as you do as my cat Lika have been saved by them also. said...

Way to go on following your instincts! I felt a tug on my heart strings seeing the photo of Mabel struggling to keep up. I'll admit too, I'm getting attached to your darling duck.

Vintage Home said...

ok girl...which save-on?..sumas way?..just so I get my store right!
I will be there...!I have written it down!

Vintage Home said...

hahah!..just refreshed and saw the new entry!

Susan said...

I am so glad to hear about Mabel. And bless those few rare doctors out there who really know their stuff. Please keep us posted.

A local who loves your blog :)

c and d said...

i am so happy your duck is better - they couldn't have asked for a better mother...well done.

Natasha said...

Glad to hear that Mabel is healthier and happier, and that you listened to your little voice!

Auntie Bliss said...

How have I not found this blog before?
Everything looks so fresh ...
well I'm glad your duck got good care.