Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Come See Me...Please..

Ok, normally, I'm pretty shy.  Hush up Janis, it's true.
But, I've been asked to do a Missing Goat demo day in Abbotsford on Friday the 8th of April at the Save On foods.
2140 Sumas Way.

photo by Janis Nicolay

My biggest fear is running into former high school boyfriends. 
My biggest wish, is that if you live any where near Abbotsford, you will come see me,
and make me feel better.
I will give you extra samples!

photo by Janis Nicolay

I'll be in this apron and I'm forcing my sister to come with me.
I'm there from 2pm to 6pm - cocktails at 6:01pm!
My lovely sister in law has re-done the whole Missing Goat website and it's so pretty.
Please have a look.  Online sales are also coming soon!
(So is the rhubarb rosemary jam)