In My Garden Today..

There is so much to do these days.  The strawberries, the garlic, the blueberries, the raspberries.
Pruning, feeding, fixing, building.
But it's exciting.

Last week, I showed you a beautiful daffodil field.
Today, I show you our yard.  This is in between the blueberry rows.
It's actually really pretty and the bees are insane for dandelions. 
So we let them flourish in the name of honey production.

I had our inspection for the farm and my kitchen to be fully certified organic this week.
Let me tell you, it's not easy.  The paper work alone is mind blowing.
The cost is pocket emptying.
But, we are all good, and should be officially 'Certified Organic' this season.

I'll now be able to switch our labels for the jams to include the word

Our hearts are healing, but we still miss our sweet dog Finn.
For those of you who ask after Mabel (our duck) - she is so back to normal.
She can keep up with the others, and is often in the lead now.

We let the new ladies of the farm out for a larger play today. 
We have them penned in a separate patch till they get big enough to protect themselves in case one of the ducks decides they don't belong.
Yes, ducks can be mean. 

How could anyone hurt this sweet gal.
She has become my favourite. 
She jumps up on to my girls head and likes to lay there.