A Small Peeve of Mine..

This post is about something that irritates me. 
Many of you will flood me with praise -
"How brilliant!"  "How clever!"
"You should have your own TV show!"
Others may scroll right up to the 'x', give it a click and never return. 
Inwardly thinking:
"Wow, that chick is really cheap!!"
 I have posted this pretty shot to entice those of you who doubt me, to come back later.

Sometimes, when I get a good paycheck, I like to treat myself to an expensive candle.
Something soy, that smells divine, and is always white.
But, it's these very candles that burn out down the middle and leave you feeling..
well...completely ripped off.
Half a candle left, but no wick.
Seriously..I'd say that's an easy 15.00 worth there. 

Fed up, I broke my candle up, dropped them into a designated
"I don't want this bowl anymore" dish,
and put it in the microwave for a minute.

Shoot, I forgot, I need a new wick.
Remembering I had warped tapered candles from a wedding eons ago,
I broke those and pulled out the wick.

I poured my wax in this mini crock pot, and floated in a new wick.

Bloody hell!
 I think this is just one inch shorter than the original candle I bought.

An encore burning.

I even had some extra.
OK bloggers, call it..
1.  clever, crafty.. or even eco savvy?
2.  cheap, too much time on her hands, forget the candle, what kind of flowers are those?