Chicken Bum...

The blueberry bushes are in bloom!

We did a walk about the yard to see what else is flowering...
Hello pretty dogwood.

We found the first lilacs at the end of blueberry row #5...

..and a few other bits for our first official garden bouquet.
Outside of the dandelion and buttercup bundles that is.

We had a new deck built on the front of the house, and we've been working hard to get in planted up.
This shot makes it look like we have done a pretty good job so far!

And today, the chickens were given their first free range opp.
This is why I brought the camera out - to capture this experience.
Happy chickens in the gardens.

No, I meant to add the extra 't' to but, because butt is all I got.
Chicken butt.

Chicken butt.

Chicken butt.

I know just how she feels.
Sometimes, I feel like a small chick overwhelmed by the world too.