What?..Do We Stink?

What I love about where I live, is nights like this. 

It's pretty private around here. 
Or rather, there is a mutual agreement between myself and the two other ladies in the homes around us.  Housecoats and pyjamas can be worn anytime.  Never stare, never mention them. 
Just act normal.  I like this agreement.
I like to encourage a good game of 'how many times can you run to the blueberries and back' just before bed. 

It was during this game we saw this bunny.

Leaping over and over again with mouthfuls of..stuff?

National Geographic here I come! 
We inched closer and closer.

She didn't seem to care...

...till her husband came home from the pub without the milk.

Bloody hell, I'd run too!

She let us get within a foot of her.  We sat there as she built her nest.
We felt bonded with nature.  Accepted.
Then, it happened...

She made this face at us. 
Now, I can take this one of three ways.
1.  It's an attempt at a funny face for the camera
2.  She has decided we are as useless as the husband as we also don't have any milk
3.  We stink

Well, it was a hard day of working in the garden, so fair enough little bunny. 
It's probably #3. 
This was my garden today...or rather tonight.
Weeds and all.