Early Mornings..

We finally had some hot weather this weekend.
So, we've been up early gardening in our pyjamas.
As I mentioned earlier, it's almost expected around here!

I've been getting boxes and boxes of rhubarb.  I have a new Missing Goat jam about to launch - Rhubarb with Rosemary.
It's so good, but honestly, after chopping 150 pounds of it, my enjoyment is fading.
Another hundred next weekend ...anyone free to help chop??

I love the light in the early morning.

I love the shadows too.

My friend Janis, gave me the thumbs up on my back lighting, so, I felt encouraged to try more. 

Even weeds seem magical.

Now I don't give myself praise to often, but this, is my back light pride and joy.
Though the glowing ears of that bunny were damn fabulous too!
Good morning dewy strawberries.

And then I saw this.
Can you guess what it is? 
Give it a shot.
I'll let you know in a few days..