Let the Harvest Begin..

The lavender is blooming.
We pick it to make our blueberry lavender jam all year, and to sell in the shack here at the farm.

Harvest time has begun...for everyone.
The challenge to our family this summer..will WE get to eat a strawberry!

We grow a lot of garlic to sell in the summer. 
The garlic scapes (the flower that comes up in the centre of each garlic) are up  We snap them off so the energy goes into the garlic bulb.  You can eat these and they are great to cook with. 
How many do we have...

This is just one pile.
We gave bags of them away, then went to Granville Island on the weekend, and saw that they were selling for two dollars each! 
We are now considered really really good friends to have.


I've raised my girl to understand that we all have to work together.
So she and her daddy had scape duty.

I had to make jam, so I couldn't have garlic hands.
At least, that is what I told them.


Wiz them up in the processor with a bit of olive oil, into some ice cube trays..

Voila.. garlic cubes for cooking or making pesto.

I also finally got my act together and joined facebook.
Well, Missing Goat joined facebook.
I'm still learning how it all works, and will do my best to keep up with both.