Let the Harvest Begin..

The lavender is blooming.
We pick it to make our blueberry lavender jam all year, and to sell in the shack here at the farm.

Harvest time has begun...for everyone.
The challenge to our family this summer..will WE get to eat a strawberry!

We grow a lot of garlic to sell in the summer. 
The garlic scapes (the flower that comes up in the centre of each garlic) are up  We snap them off so the energy goes into the garlic bulb.  You can eat these and they are great to cook with. 
How many do we have...

This is just one pile.
We gave bags of them away, then went to Granville Island on the weekend, and saw that they were selling for two dollars each! 
We are now considered really really good friends to have.


I've raised my girl to understand that we all have to work together.
So she and her daddy had scape duty.

I had to make jam, so I couldn't have garlic hands.
At least, that is what I told them.


Wiz them up in the processor with a bit of olive oil, into some ice cube trays..

Voila.. garlic cubes for cooking or making pesto.

I also finally got my act together and joined facebook.
Well, Missing Goat joined facebook.
I'm still learning how it all works, and will do my best to keep up with both.


Seven Gates Farm said...

Love the garlic cube idea. Yes, I think its good to get everyone involved. Just went to our lavender farm's harvest event. We had lavender ice-cream made by the local creamary - Delicious. Debi

Allison at Novice Life said...

Everything looks beautiful! We just made garlic scape dressing with our scapes last night...I like to make it thicker and eat it with steak :)

Comeca Jones said...

What a sweet post I love the idea of freezing for cooking later. I wouldn't have thought to add lavender to a jam I bet it adds the best flavor.Would you share the recipe?

found and sewn said...

What a great idea the garlic cube are.

Kim said...

Those garlic cubes are a clever idea. I'll have to remember that!

Annton Beate Schmidt said...

pretty cool idea with the ice cubes! and yes, involving everybody is perfect.

Muddy Boot Dreams said...

I think that you should sell them at the market frozen. Could you imagine them in the winter when there is nothing that tastes like those?

Oh Yum.

Please put aside 2 pounds of the garlic bulbs when they are ready for harvest for me. I totally missed out last year, and don't want to miss them this year. I will move my schedule, [hereby known as heaven and earth] to get a Sat off to visit, or when ever you are open.

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

pollydove said...

i had no idea ... wow. that is fantastic!

Carola said...

we do the same with basil :) you can make cubes with basil, litle garlic and olive oil for the perfect pesto!
lovely photos.



Vintage Home said...

...my goal this summer is to make everything you post here!
You are my HERO!

Barbara said...

Brilliant idea for freezing the garlic scapes!!

A Trifle Rushed said...

The garlic cubes are fab.
But what really interested me was the Jam, it sounds delicious, blueberry and lavender...I'm drooling here in London!

julieann said...

Im guessing your a really really good friend to have anyway.

The garlic cooking cube - HEY now thats a name...That is a wonderful idea. I may just have to use that.
I hope you make time to eat the berries. Doing what you do takes so much love and time and often those of us who eat these beautiful treats dont appreciate the labor of love it takes. Have a a nice weekend!

KAT said...

neat-o ! garlic cubes, I Love that

La Vie Quotidienne said...

What a great post. I have heard of doing this with basil but never with pesto. Thank you for sharing. Incidently, you daughter is adorable. Have a great day!

Alicia said...

Yummy!! Maybe someone @ Edible Vancouver could connect you with a great restaurant...swap for a night out???

Pinecone Camp said...

Ah, Rob is a big one for this kind of thing. Love it. Glad to see Kevin hard at it!

Iniyaal said...

Your garlic cubes look great. It is so nice to see your pretty daughter helping you. Lovely pics.

unikorna said...

Wow your writing is so very much close to my heart. Impressing blog and lovely pictures, very inspirational. congrats.

BlackStar said...

I may try this next year. I cut ours off and tossed them in the compost pile. Now, I'm counting them in my mind- at $2.00 a pop!
We also freeze pesto in ice cube trays.
And I freeze our tomato paste in them too.

Deanna (Silly Goose Farm) said...

I put egg whites in ice cube trays so I don't waste them with recipes that only call for yolks (like ice cream). If you are ever looking for more garlic scape recipes, check out From Scratch Club, a great blog I write for: http://fromscratchclub.wordpress.com/