Waking up Early...

Happy October to you all! 
I had a great week and got to produced three fun Halloween stories for the HGTV blog.
Pumpkins, spiders and feathers! 
Creepy pretty fun.  My favourite.
I'll let you know when they run.
I adore the fall and I could spend hours in the garden taking photos.

This little mushroom is new to our yard.
You have to get up early to see him as he shrivels away by noon.
Next morning he's there again.
He's like a jelly fish out of water.

Kale covered in the morning mist...
..yikes, shoot me know, that sounded like the start of a very bad poem.

Pretty fall flowers.

The blueberry bushes are turning red...

... anenomes are still blooming.

...we have more asian apple pears than we know what to do with.
Do you know what to do with?

..and finally, in October, I have my first zuchinni of the year.
Our weather really was strange this year.

Speaking of gifts from the garden, 
we were given some honey from our bee keeper.
Well, our ex-bee keeper.

Sadly, he's become allergic to bee stings.