Cute vs Snore...?

Well, my marmalade is good.
I'm picking a random name tomorrow and I'll send them a jar!
If you want in, leave me a comment saying you might like a jar.
You can also leave a comment saying you hate marmalade, but have answers to my questions below.

Besides the Meyer lemon marmalade, I've also created a mini me.

She styles her shoots, and photographs them with her hot pink camera.

I tend to go in tight and am always looking for the pretty detail shot.
It's that little bubble I love at the top.
How long do you spend taking photos?
And while I'm asking questions, what would you do about this...

It's 10pm, and I'm going to bed.
Would you kick him off or let him stay?
Did I mention he snores!
I kick my husband out for that, so you can imagine Oliver got sent packing.
Or did he... 
OK, I let him stay one night but will never let it happen again.


Anonymous said...

would love a jar. I am not a big marmalade person but I do can my own jellies and jams. Love the pink camera and the snoring dog. I have two of those and one sleeps in bed with me and I got rid of the husband (now ex) too. Love your blog

Carole said...

SOmetimes it seems like only minutes have passed taking photos and then I look and it's 2 hours. it really does vary but taking photos inside the house with a tripod can take ages.

We don't have a doggie but our cat does sleep with us....thank goodness on hubby's side.

Verena said...

oh how I would love a little bit of the sweet goodness you made on my toast soon.:) enjoy reading your blog!

L said...

I'd love a jar!

Muddy Boot Dreams said...

Oh my gosh, I am a huge marmalade fan HUGE!!

The one time I tried to make it, turned out so runny it was unspreadable. Please count me in!!!

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

alison@thisbloominglife said...

I love going in tight also, particularly with flowers. It's the beauty in the detail. Hate hate hate marmalade (and too far to send to the other side of the world) but how could you disturb such a peaceful slumber?

Cathy said...

Love marmalade. Meyer lemon sounds yummy. Never kick the dog out of bed! They keep your feet warm. My 2 chocolate labs sleep with us, and hubby gives up about 3 a.m. and goes to the couch!

Red Gate Farm said...

Hum marmalade of any kind! Yummy!

And I'd have let him stay :)


Red Gate Farm said...

Hum marmalade of any kind! Yummy!

And I'd have let him stay :)


Grace @ Sense and Simplicity said...

I love marmalade - and don't like snoring dogs so I would inhale the marmalade and exile the dog. I love the picture of your daughter styling her photos. I will have photoshoots and spend all morning taking pictures of cupcakes or cookies or easter eggs (and I've done all these). At this time of the year I have to plan ahead and do my photoshoots on Saturday morning when there is enough light since I work all week.

Sally said...

oh, marmalade! love it...lemon, orange, ginger, you name it!

donna baker said...

Would love to try the marmalade atop the meyer lemon chevre I just made. My two weenies sleep under the covers next to me. I don't think I could sleep without them. I just bought my grandaughter a camera like that and she is snapping pics everywhere.

Vintage Home said...

I am a terrible picture taker so let s move on...
I LOVE MARMALADE!..seriosuly for anything you made I would drive to your farm for it....but i only have to go to the store around the corner...even tho I would go to your house in a heart beat!...45 min & a heart beat!
Well Ollie ...he is going to get bigger...sooo him a bed! But don't listen to me..our Sophie slept on our bed with Grace ...!

Wanda..... said...

Love the photos of your daughter placing the jars and then taking a photo!!!

Jodie (aka mummaducka) said...

No marmalade for me here in oz, not a fan but loove lemon butter. No nO No don't let the dog stay in the bed! He won't stay little, soft and floppy for long, he'll soon be huge and not as yummy smelling. Set up a soft squishy bed of his own, someplace inside where he is in a prime position to keep an eye on everything and try to do some guarding while he sleeps. Good Luck!

me said...

O yes please put my name in :0)

I wish I had your talent for photography. Your lil mini me is so cute and looks like she got her mama talents through genetics or osmosis!

Tempting to let him stay but might later regret that, hehe


kristyhayter said...

I would love to try some of that lovely marmalade!

We have a large 75pound dog and he gets to stay and 10 bucks says your sweetie will be on the bed again soon. It is so hard to say no and they are so snuggly. Mine Snores and farts he still gets to come up but he leaves in a huff if i wiggle around too much. he looks at me sighs and then goes to the couch. :)

Vanessa Marie said...

mmmmm Marmalade!!

Definitely kick him off :)

CamdenSF said...

Would love a jar, I LOVE marmalade... and make my own as well. Ours are plums, because in our new house we have LOTS of plum trees! (Or is that "Jam"?)

Anyway, Oliver is too cute to kick out.... but you need your rest too... Our dog has his own dog bed at the side of ours... he still snores but at least I can stretch in my own bed and not be a visitor.

Alexandra said...

Would love a jar!! My grandma had a wonderful marm recipe that I have tried to master over the years!

Alexandra f

julieann said...

Oh my goodness. PLEASE pick me.. I love love love marmalade. I would enjoy every bite. Promise to clean the jar drip dry.. :)
Oliver is so cute but ... if he keeps getting bigger.. well... lets just say he may take up more space in your bed then your willing to part with.. Again he is pretty darn cute..

Betsy said...

I'd LOVE to try the marmalade! Your
photos are so good. I take forever
and they're not always so good. As
for Oliver.....He can stay! Dogs in
the bed make a house a home!

jocelyn singh said...

Oh let him stay on your bed! A real live adorable teddy bear. My almost 4 year old loves marmalade!! I am not a fan but she would love one if you have any left to share :)