When Life Gives you Lemons...

...make lemon curd.  
It's too cold for lemonade.
My friend Noelle brought back a suitcase of Meyer lemons from her tree in Palm Desert.
Yes, I'm serious.

Just to put the size of these lovelies into perspective.

we zested...

We juiced..

...we went through what I'd call a fairly disgusting amount of eggs...

...and came out with this.
Seriously, it was two jars.
OK, we made about 4 jars total, but one batch I ruined by using salted butter by mistake.

Noelle left me four lemons and half a grapefruit (also from her tree), 
so I began a two day process of making marmalade.

If it turns out, I'll post about it and send one of you a jar.
If you like marmalade that is.
It's not for everyone.
Yes, Dad, I'll save a jar for you.