You Never Know...

Did your life become what you thought it would be?
Through years of strange turns, ups, downs, and even some deep dark despair..
Mine did.
I never thought I'd be a magazine stylist, or have my own jam line, never thought I'd be a blogger...
But I am and I love it all.
Some things still surprise me though...

I use to buy 12.00 Australian design publications.
Now I buy 6.00 Chicken magazines.
And though I may not have leg
warmers and knitted hats for my girls... yet...

I do make them little 'sundaes' when the weather is bad.

Of course, when the sundae falls out of the coop, and that 'new' guy gets it,
you can feel the resentment building.
Five ladies with nothing to do but plot...
watch out Oliver.

Speaking of the new guy..
When we lost our sweet dog last spring, after 13 years, I didn't expect to get another one any time soon.
But, here he is.
And we do love him so.
He makes the farm feel more like..well, a farm.
Has your life taken a strange turn or detour that turned out to be a blessing in disguise?