Fifi is Fabulous...

I e-met the fabulous Fifi.  
I didn't even know 'Fabulous' was already attached to her name.
I just thought she simply was.
Fabulous that is.
She is, by far, the most generous, kind person I've encountered in the magazine industry.
I know a lot of you already know Fifi, and have been in her books.
So I'm sure you know about her new magazine coming out this March.
But some of you don't.

Just after boxing day, I got to shoot a holiday story for her Christmas 2012 issue.
It was so fun, and I have to say, refreshing to shoot a Christmas story while Christmas is on.
We usually do it in the summer.
And boy, let me tell you, finding a flocking machine in June ain't easy!
I can't show you pictures, but I can share some of the behind the scene 'messes'

I'm pretty sure these won't make the final cut.
My dear friend Kim Christie came out and shot the story.
And if you read my past post about the friend who came for dinner and ate the dog biscuits I had made..
this is her.

These are our exhausted models.  
They were brilliant and usual.
Romantic Prairie style will be out in March.


Anonymous said...

I just found you today and perused your website, working lady site and truly I am impressed with your work. I would love to meet Fifi as she was the editor of one of my favorite magazines...Romantic Homes. Hoping to read her book and her magazine...I no longer subscribe as being in that 'senior' bracket the pocketbook is closed to many of those days of youth but, but I do purchase a lot of them used so I can still enjoy many of the issues.

Just wanted to tell you I always appreciate ONE who does not bury their talents and you are local. Langley is my local.

I do not blog but love to see the beauty of the dear lady's blogs each day...bless you!

~Sylvia Faye

Robyn said...

Oh, adorable! What kind of dog is that, Heather?

designchic said...

How your "models"...looked like a tough day for them!!

AnnaVallance said...

Your models look so relaxed after a hard day's work. Will be looking for this new magazine in March.

Missing Goat said...

Sylvia, if you do pop back to read comments - Thank you very much. There are a lot of lovely ladies in blogland, and I love searching over them every chance I get.

Hello and welcome... said...

I'm sure it is lovely to shoot a winter story in winter...everyone is in the "right frame of mind"!

We finally have snow here in Burnaby...I'm trying to enjoy every last bit of it while it lasts.

Lovely blog...

Restyled Home said...

I agree; Fifi is so kind and lovely! I wrote a story for her new Romantic Prairie magazine and she is a dreeaaam to work with!

Can't wait to see your Christmas story...I just might be your biggest fan. I love every story you produce/style!!

Pinecone Camp said...

Fifi is fabulous. She is so sweet to chat with and I love her accent ;) Looking forward to seeing the story next Christmas!