Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Hello Sunshine...

Welcome February

Welcome beautiful sunshine.

The girls got out today.
This is Hadie

They've been rather ...cooped up... with this cold weather.
Is that where that phrase is from?
This is Johnny Drama - my husband is a bit afraid of her.

But some sunshine, a multivitamin in their water, some garlic mash...

...and some time with the wee girl makes life pretty good.
She does love her chickens.

And today, they gave us two eggs.
Lately it's been one or none.
The middle one is Peep and Lola was in the coop all day trying so very hard to lay an egg.
No luck though.
I don't know where Coco is...?  
Chasing Oliver I think.  
She's still mad about the sundae theft last week.

Spring is coming...right!?


Vintage Home said...

hi Farmer Lady!....yes sunshine two days in a row! ...I actually could feel the warmth!your chickens & your sweet girl are fun buddies...I like that they can sit and visit!

Cassie said...

Spring can't get here soon enough! Great photos!

Tracey Ayton Photography said...

Your girls are too cute!! I am so itching for Spring to get here ....... or would that be scratching while we're on the topic of chickens?

SoSoBella said...

beautiful photos. love those chickens.

designchic said...

What precious images...your daughter is so adorable with the chickens!! So excited for Spring...

Liren said...

What beautiful chickens! They look so happy and content to be free of the coop for a while. I hope your sunny days last a while longer :) I know I'm definitely ready for spring.

Debi said...

Always love seeing photos of "wee girl". I know she just loves her busy life with her chickens. We are loving the warm weather in the Carolinas also. Hope Mother Nature doesn't trick us. Have a wonderful day. Debi

Audrey said...

Hi Heather. Just saw a post over at Burlap & Blue ('t that your greenhouse? I'm pretty sure it is! Amazing how often I see it in different places. But it is pretty amazing!!!

kathy@blueantlerstudio said...

I love this post. As a little girl I was blessed with a mother that loved chickens as much as wee ones. Now I want a coup in my back yard.