Hello Sunshine...

Welcome February

Welcome beautiful sunshine.

The girls got out today.
This is Hadie

They've been rather ...cooped up... with this cold weather.
Is that where that phrase is from?
This is Johnny Drama - my husband is a bit afraid of her.

But some sunshine, a multivitamin in their water, some garlic mash...

...and some time with the wee girl makes life pretty good.
She does love her chickens.

And today, they gave us two eggs.
Lately it's been one or none.
The middle one is Peep and Lola was in the coop all day trying so very hard to lay an egg.
No luck though.
I don't know where Coco is...?  
Chasing Oliver I think.  
She's still mad about the sundae theft last week.

Spring is coming...right!?