How to Dry Lavender...

I mentioned that we dry our own organic lavender for our Missing Goat Blueberry Lavender Jam.
A few people asked how to dry lavender.
So, here it is.

I use English lavender for cooking.  It's the shorter variety.
You can also get very tall French lavender - which is great for sachets.
You want to pick it before the buds open.  
Like the opening shot and the one above.

We have many shades of lavender - even a white.
Unless you are making a lavender jelly - it doesn't matter about the colour.
If you are making jelly - the darker the lavender, the prettier colour your jelly will be.
Then you don't have to add food colouring.

Bundle up your lavender and hang in a dry space out of direct sun.

This could take a week or two for them to dry.

You will then have bundles of dry lavender to do as you please.
I like to bag mine up.

I gently rub the bundles together and the flowers fall off easily.

If you do this on wax paper you can pour the dried flowers into a zip lock bag for storing.
Hope that helps ladies!