I've never thought of myself as mature.

I did however feel, that I had passed far beyond certain behavior in life.

What am I talking about?
well...I believe that we can 
always, no matter what age, act or do something silly.

Giggle at silly words with double meanings.

Be a fool.  Be foolish.
Be fooled.

But when I hit my knee on the damn dryer today so hard I fell to the floor sobbing like a baby, it surprised the heck out of me. 
Birthing a child and teenage heartache aside, I can't remember ever crying really really hard over something that hurt.
Cursing like a bet.  
Sobbing while my daughter wipes my tears away and kisses my cheek ...ahh, no.

So we went outside.
The sun was out.
I found the biggest egg ever laid on this farm.
Took pictures of it too.
Really huge.
I pushed my girl on her swing.

I forgot I had the egg in my pocket. 

The swing came back a bit too hard.
..well you know the rest.
Didn't see that coming today either.

Some days, you just need to walk away from and forget.


Katalin said...


greenthumb said...

What day you have had, I hope you don't get a big bruise. Take care.

Tom Stephenson said...

Oh, poor you. I hate the thought of anyone crying with pain.

Razmataz said...

Oh you poor thing...And to lose that egg after a rocky start to your day.
May Saturday bring new, bigger eggs.

Sarah said...

Oh, I fell to the floor crying after an accident two weeks ago...I'm still crying off and on about it, but I like your idea of walking away and leaving the day behind. That's a good spirit!

Bummer about the big egg...surely after that day, a bigger one is in your future! :)

julieann said...

"That Damn Dryer!!"
This happens to me often and I too cry. Thank goodness you has sweet little Lilly to wipe away your tears. I so wanted to send you a photo of our BIG egg but it's on my phone. It was green and so funny we laughed out loud when we found it. The carton did not even come close to closing..(2 yolks inside) Today my daughter found a chicken in a bag of straw in the coop. She was peeking her head out and three little eggs were under her. I love having chickens and I too have broke a few eggs in my pocket.
Hope your having a better day!!

Karen Bates said...

Ain't that the truth? Glad you are recovering...more eggs on the way. :)

donna baker said...

Just sayin', the last time I cried so, I was pregnant.

Marianne C said...

Such an honest post could also be called Maturity. Crying is not a sign of immaturity - especially when in pain. Now if you had stamped your foot and smashed the egg on purpose - bigtime immaturity.
I love your photos today. Both your wonderful Oliver and the promise in those pussy willows!

Romantic Whites said...

Didn't know whether to laugh or cry for you! We've had some whopper eggs too, so much so I had to measure them 3 1/2 in. was our longest! Cracking eggs in our pockets, yep but it's worse when you have to dig it out! ;)
New follower here!