I've never thought of myself as mature.

I did however feel, that I had passed far beyond certain behavior in life.

What am I talking about?
well...I believe that we can 
always, no matter what age, act or do something silly.

Giggle at silly words with double meanings.

Be a fool.  Be foolish.
Be fooled.

But when I hit my knee on the damn dryer today so hard I fell to the floor sobbing like a baby, it surprised the heck out of me. 
Birthing a child and teenage heartache aside, I can't remember ever crying really really hard over something that hurt.
Cursing like a bet.  
Sobbing while my daughter wipes my tears away and kisses my cheek ...ahh, no.

So we went outside.
The sun was out.
I found the biggest egg ever laid on this farm.
Took pictures of it too.
Really huge.
I pushed my girl on her swing.

I forgot I had the egg in my pocket. 

The swing came back a bit too hard.
..well you know the rest.
Didn't see that coming today either.

Some days, you just need to walk away from and forget.