Chicken Chat...

Ok, it's no secret, we spoil our chickens.
But they give us these beautiful eggs.

We make them garlic mash once or twice a week.
It's basically some rolled oats, some warm water, sunflower seeds, minced garlic, wheat germ, ground flax, sometimes sliced banana..maybe yogurt.
They even got some chia seed today - it's all the rage now you know.

Chicken tip 101:  
How to get chickens out of the blueberry patch... them the muffin tin!

because that is what we put the mash in.

Inside I get the same reaction from my girl over these cheese crackers.
Here's the recipe
1/2 pound cheese
5 tablespoons butter
1 cup flour
Grate the cheese and put into a food processor. Add flour and butter then whiz till it comes together into a dough ball.
Refrigerate for one hour - or overnight.  It really makes a difference.
Roll out dough, cut out shapes of choice with cookie cutters. This is where it's fun for kids- they can chomp off animals limbs or make a garden out of the flower shapes.
Bake in oven at 400 for 8 minutes.  
 Don't let them get to too brown.

I know what you are thinking.  
And let me make this perfectly clear.
That muffin tin..
the one we feed the chickens the mash in...
will never enter my house again.
It's the mash tin and it stays outside.


Jodie (aka mummaducka) said...

your chickens look lovely and healthy too! I am sure that they appreciate all that tender loving care and reward you often with googies.

Pipany said...

I am going ti=o have to try those crackers - they look gorgeous!

Will give the mash a go for our hens. I do give them a porridge mix sometimes but hadn't thought of adding garlic, etc too. Made me laugh about the muffin tin!! x

greenthumb said...

Lucky chickens.

Anne@A Little Fur in the Paint said...

Beautiful! (I want chickens SO badly!) Lovely blog; I'm a new follower!
Anne ♥♥

Allison at Novice Life said...

too cute!!

Sarah said...

I want chickens so bad! We're in the city so I don't know how well that would go neighbor says he'll clean the coop if I house them. I just imagine it's so wonderful to go outside and get your gift of eggs everyday.

Love your pictures!

Razmataz said...

I've seen people give the pan they just served dinner from to the dog to lick, so you know the dog licked it before your dinner too...yuck. Glad the girls have their own pan!

I love seeing the pictures of your daughter helping with the chicken chores/

Melissa said...

Love that you make your chickens special treats!! And those cheese crackers look very tasty

Karen Bates said...

lol I have pans like that! My girls are spoiled too. I sprout Mung Beans for them. But your recipe sounds so good, I think I will give my girls another treat! Thanks.

WhiteWhispers2u said...

They sure are beautiful chickens that is for sure.I wish we had a place for chickens too.
Cheese crackers look darn good too~Cheers Kim

Jane said...

oh the dear chickens. Our 'girls' got an uneaten turkey and mayo sandwich for afternoon tea yesterday (thanks to someone who didn't eat their lunch at school today!!) Jane x

julieann said...

Lilly.. I love that name. I did not know she was Lilly!! Perfect fit for her.
Our chickens are out today enjoying the sun but for dont have the good fortune of such a wonderful treat. I did toss them day old bread and sunflower seeds, oh and the pulp from my juicing today. They loved that. Does garlic change the flavor of the eggs? I always worry if I feed them chives or celantro Ill have funky eggs? Just checkin...
I think Ill try your crackers. We loved the macaroons. They were gone in a few minutes...:)

Simple Daisy said...

Too funny!!! And your crackers look delicious:)

Missing Goat said...

Boy - I didn't realize so many of you had chickens - and so many wanted them.
the eggs don't taste like garlic - garlic is a good immune booster, helps fight mites and worms too.
Razmataz you are so right, dogs should not lick the dishes in any home - I've seen it happen and I always want to yak after.

julieann said...

Thanks for the tip. I think Ill try your mash and see how the girls like it..

AnnaVallance said...

Love the picture of Lily with the chickens following her. When I was growing up I was the one to look after our chickens; I would actually cut up any greens for them and mash up their bread with warm water, of course. Our motto was what you put in that's what you get out.

hardydanielle said...

Wow the chickens must be loving it! Mmm those crackers look scrumptious :)

Alston said...

Love your blog - any chance that you would share what format/template you are using to get such great effect with your photos and text. We love it.



My Little Bungalow said...

I love this post. Love the photo of your sweet daughter with the chickens trailing behind her! Your chickens are so pretty. Just want you to know how much I enjoy your site.

Vintage Home said...

just the best pictures EVER!

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