Macaroon Love...

This week has been full of many things.  

Snow...but it was so very pretty, I couldn't get mad at it.

Crafting up some Easter fun for HGTV

And today, we made macaroons.
Chocolate - no bake - balls of goodness.

So easy to make and apparently, very full of antioxidants!
Mix 2 1/2 cups of the very best shredded coconut you can find 
with 1/2 a cup of sifted cocoa.

Enter one of my dearest old friends - Pure Maple Syrup..
and let's introduce it's new best friend - Virgin Coconut Oil.
Add 6 tablespoons maple syrup and 1/4 cup coconut oil the coconut. 
Aunt Jemima is not welcome to this party people.

Grab a fairy if you can find one and mix it all together.
Spoon small balls onto a sheet of parchment to set.
Not that I waited for that to happen.

That's it.
Enter the shark music...
da num..

da num..

dum dun dum dun dum dun...

Sweet Macaroons!