In My Garden...

The tree peony opened.
It's very big.
How big...

This big.

Bleeding Hearts are out and looking lovely.

And this time of year - our farm becomes a tribute to the colour yellow.
I have to admit, even they look pretty.

Some flowers are losing all their petals in the wind.
We spent a lot of time trying to capture it on film.

And we finally did.

The ladies are out and about.

The blueberries are blooming, so the bees are out too.

And there are enough herbs in the garden to finally bring some in the kitchen.


Melissa said...

What a perfect and very colorful time of year. I would love some of those dandelions right now as want to make jelly. Of course didn't realize I wanted to make jelly until most of ours are either gone or already sprayed.

Sarah said...

it looks delightful there on the farm!!

If the rain and cold doesn't go away here, for my own sanity, I may need to invite myself over! :)

Mrs. Sutton said...

Good Lord - How utterly magnificent! Your garden is like something out of a Disney animated film - you know the ones where the princess (before she knows that she's a princess!) opens her window in her beautiful cottage, and outside there are fluffy chickens and blossom and flowers shaped like hearts and yes...peonies as big as pumpkins! Magical! xxx

Carola said...

Amazing season spring is! You farm is loving it!


julieann said...

oooh.. It all looks so beautiful. Beautiful flowers. Especially the Lilly :)
We have a chicken that looks just like the one in your photo to the right. We call her Ginger!She is our escape artist!
It's cold and nothing but the chives are growing here... Im looking forward to flowers.
~xxoo~ Happy Spring

Robin Larkspur said...

Beautiful Spring photos. Your girl and that Tree Peony both are sweet and lovely. Thanks for such a cheerful look at your Spring.

greenthumb said...

So beautiful.

Joy Tilton said...

Well, I'm totally addicted to your blog after reading the first few posts. Disneyland for sure with a good helping of solitude thrown in for good measure. Love the girl and the chicks and the blooms. I'll be back to snoop some more later...

Karen Bates said...

Beautiful photos...some real treasures of your daughter!