.99 Cent Smile...

I'm having one of those days.
You know the ones.
Overwhelmed by lists, thoughts, life, chores and meal planning.

Instead of getting any of them done...I wander the yard in my housecoat taking pictures.
Seems it's rubbing off on someone.

I hauled my pitiful self to the grocery store where I found large bags of kiwis for .99 cents!
And, they're organic!
Yes, they are soft and that is why they are .99 cents...

..but Popsicles love soft kiwi!
I bought four bags.
Now we also have kiwi cubes for smoothies.


Pipany said...

You sound just like me - tired, tired, tired and I always reach for the camera at such times too. Your pretty blog cheers me with the beautiful pics you take. Chin up lovely lady xx

Tom Stephenson said...

People were always saying to me, "It doesn't cost anything to smile" but I said otherwise. Now you have proved it.

Lifestyle hint: If you soak Calamari (squid rings) in Kiwi juice before cooking, it stops them from going rubbery.

Wanda..... said...

Sweet sweet post...in more ways than one!

mondocherry said...

I've never thought of making kiwi popsicles - yum!
My lists are overwhelming me too..just one thing at a time...and another cup of coffee!
Clare x

Mrs. Sutton said...

Rejoice and celebrate the small achievements! Lovely photographs, kiwi Popsicles and a completed blog post is good going in my book - add them to the top of your 'to do' list and tick them off - you'll feel great - and no it's not cheating - lol! x

AnnaVallance said...

I love kiwis! What a great deal. Pictures of your little one always make me smile.

Vintage Home said...

as always you are my hero!
that sweet child of your s is the spitten image!
Think of you often!

Carola said...

yesterday we worked in our new chicken house, we are making a kiwi roof for them. We planted one male and female kiwi plant so we have kiwi, and chickens have sun in winter and shadow in summer.
I think they will have kiwis too :)



B said...

I think making kiwi popsicles is a great achievement on a tough day. I say put your feel up and enjoy the fruits of your labour! Hugs, B x

julieann said...

I have had a few of those days recently myself. I feel so excited that spring is here but Im in housecoat kind of rut!!
Today I did box up donation items that should count for something!!
I never thought of soft kiwi for cubes in smoothies.. Im off to do that now. :)

hardydanielle said...

Ooh i love kiwi :) I would love to try to make popsicles for my kids made of kiwi!

Lee said...

I love this blog. So sweet and beautiful.