Karma Bit Me Right in The...

As.. you may have read, we went to our cabin last weekend in the Gulf Islands.

We went with family, and the guys took the kids fishing for the first time.
He used branches and string.
It was cute.

My sister in law and I also gave it a try..and we caught a fish!
A pretty big fish.
We were what can only be called 'stupid and girly' when this happened.
But it was exciting and it's the first fish I'd ever caught.

I tried to grab the fish with my hands, and got 'hooked' myself.
By that I mean, the fish hook went right through my thumb nail.

Did I mention that for 20 years, I was a vegetarian?  
No, well now you know.
Did I mention that the fish hook had actually broke off, and was in my thumb..for a whole week.
Unbeknownst to me.
Till yesterday morning at 5am when I went to the emergency.

The doctor mocked me - calling it a big boo boo.  
He apologized when the x-ray came in and he found himself cutting open my thumb to remove the hook.
Yesterday sucked for me.
Karma had bitten me right in the thumb.  
And man it hurt.